Chartres Cathedral's SECRETS !


Christine sensed that this Cathedral could give her some answers, that the messages were there before her eyes; but first, she needed to learn how to decode them. Intuitively, at a young age, she realized that ‘this Temple has twelve Doors’ according to her favorite expression and that she had to discover them.


She studied the Kabbalah within the Order of the Knight Masons Elus Cohen; learned about alchemy, sacred geobiology, and was also interested in quantum physics.


She increased her knowledge of Tarot, in Greek and Roman mythology.


She didn’t stop returning to question the Cathedral, wanting to read its ‘closed book’. Year after year, thanks to her perseverance, answers were given to her and the twelve doors were revealed.


She realized that her ‘Personal story’ was not only about understanding but equally about transmitting the messages of spiritual evolution contained in this ‘alchemical and esoteric book’which is the Chartres Cathedral.


“Before starting, I would like for you to look at this Cathedral from a new perspective. The donkey with the lyre informed us that it represents a work of Great Knowledge.


This is indeed the case. It is even a work in two volumes.

On one hand the esoteric ‘open book’, which reviews the history of the Old and New Testament, which is correct for a religious monument. And on the other hand, there is the esoteric ‘closed book’in which everything is described with symbols,” Christine said smiling.


“And this is the ‘closed book’ that you are offering to read to me?” asked Anna.


Christine nodded, “More accurately, this is the book that I am offering to teach you to read!”

“The last detail which has its importance,” continued Christine, which pulled Anna out of her dreaming.

“Is ‘The Atlante’just as our ‘Bishop monk’, they are both looking in the direction of the sunset at the winter solstice; there where the ‘Light’ is the lowest in the year.


They speak to us of ‘the man we are becoming’ that we are, ‘who has defeated death and who can see life reborn each morning in the sun of his spiritual conscience’.


Isn’t this a beautiful program that is offered to us here?”


“It’s wonderful and I never could have imagined that this Cathedral had so many mysteries to discover!” concluded Anna.

“So follow me! I’ll be your guide!” exclaimed Christine joyously.


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